Consumer buying habits are changing. There’s been a surge in online buying according to government statistics, with daily internet users growing to 87% in 2019 from 49% reported in 2008.

Personalisation is at the centre of conversation for businesses in 2020 - 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase a brand that provides a personalised experience. * 

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Social Pattern will help you choose the right platform for your brand, establishing a foundation for you to start selling. 
We’ll design and create a bespoke, user-friendly website for your customers.
In general, it is low-risk and low-cost to start an e-Commerce business. Our team will guide you step by step towards establishing a robust online presence. We will help with product listing and ensure a smooth transaction between company to consumer. 

With Facebook and Instagram recently launching integrated shopping platforms, there are now some fantastic opportunities to place your products into rapidly growing marketplaces. 

Instagram has 1 billion active monthly users, with 80% of these users making buying decisions via the app – Facebook uses integrated ads and markets to achieve similar results.

We’re here to help you navigate these exciting platforms and engage these customers on your terms, decreasing the steps needed to drive sales and all in a secure, trusted environment. 

Facebook & Instagram Advertising  Strategy

Developing and scaling your adverts

Firstly, the design team will develop ad creatives specific to your business. Then, our experts will create a unique ad’s strategy for you, scaling this
in line with your objectives, whether sales, brand recognition or app downloads. We will ensure you get the most out of every campaign, both increasing conversion and maintaining a high ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

Analysing your data Data

Your data is the most crucial signifier in driving sales. We will analyse your campaigns daily looking at metrics such as; page visits, conversions and AOV (Average Order Value). We are experts in cross-referencing data and will monitor Shopify, Bitly and Facebook analytics systems to provide quick, strategic decisions. You will receive regular reports explaining this data, and our recommendations, in detail.

Connecting to your audiences

This data will enable us to improve your campaigns continuously, ensuring they reach the perfect audiences. We will create new “lookalike” audiences, which means connecting your brand with the latest online users most likely to be interested in what you offer, whether this is converting a sale, downloading an app or spreading brand awareness.


We can source a wide range of products tailored to your needs.


Choose from a variety of products to build your range, from cards to clothing. 


Create a personal brand and ensure a strong identity within your chosen sector.


We understand how to drive sales and are always here to provide advice. For example; spotting trends, events and public holidays is key to seeing spikes in your sales. 


Leave the production to us. Products will be custom manufactured in our partnered factory and delivered directly to your customers.


Our highly trained team will operate within your set guidelines to

deal with any issues, should they arise, promptly and effectively.

This establishes a strong brand and ensures high customer retention. 

We will create a recording process to identify patterns and continually improve your service.

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Social Media Advertising 

Paid social media advertising is a cost-effective way to promote your business. Each platform uses the pay-per-click (PPC) payment model.

Smart Shopping Campaigns 

With Smart Shopping campaigns, products are eligible to show up across all of Google's properties and reach users wherever, and whenever they're searching or consuming content. With Shopping ads, we'll help more customers find your products. 


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